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Range Use

All shooters at our range must have a signed waiver on file with us. You can prepare for your visit by prefiling your waiver with the button below.

Range Event Information

Thanks for your interest in the events we hold at Last Resort Guns! We want everyone to be able to participate safely and understand you may have some questions. Please take a look at the information presented below. If you still have questions, please give us a call at 256.774.5741!

Want to draw from the holster and shoot while moving to and from cover? Welcome to Tactical Tuesday! TT is an ongoing work shop in which we run various time/accuracy drills to hone our skills as shooters.

In order to participate, a shooter must have an appropriate belt holster and be familiar with his/her chosen firearm. Shoulder Holsters & Small of Back holsters are not permitted; holsters must securely retain the gun. First time shooters are probationary and any safety violation will require the shooter to attend the Tac Tuesday intro course run on Sat Mornings.

If you wish to develop your skills before attending a Tactical Tuesday, the Intro event is held every other Saturday.

For more information, please consult the event registration page for the Tactical Tuesday event you plan to attend.

All shooters, from the shooting sports beginner, to the experienced competitor, will find an exciting and enjoyable time shooting USPSA at LRGI.

USPSA shooting will require shooting on the move at variable distances while being timed and scored. For more information, please see the event registration page for the USPSA event you plan to attend and the USPSA website at uspsa.org

In recent years, church shootings have made the headlines multiple times. As responsible gun owners, protecting our families and friends at church is something of immense importance. The LRGI Church Security Group provide ongoing training and practice in skills important to safely protecting those we care about.

To attend our ongoing classes, you must pre-qualify. There are two options for this:

  • LRGI will schedule and run introductory training for first time attendees when a minimum of 3 new security group attendees request it.
  • Attending the Intro to Tactical Tuesday Training will also satisfy this pre-qualification requirement.

You will need to bring a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition, any handgun, a belt mounted holster (either open or concealed), and belt mounted magazine holder.

For more information, please consult the event registration page for the Church Security Group event you plan to attend.

We believe that training and practice are a large part of responsible gun ownership. The training available at LRGI includes Practical Concealed Carry, Youth .22 Rifle Safety and Shooting, and Basic Pistol courses. We also offer other training throughout the year, so stay tuned to our events page and sign up for our newsletter!

Each class offered has unique requirements, prerequisites, and costs. If you are interested in attending training at LRGI, please consult the event registration page for the specific training event you plan to attend.

Single Day Passes and Gun Rental


Single Shooter Day Pass

All day shooting for a single shooter.


Additional Shooter Day Pass

This allows an additional shooter for a lane paid for with a single shooter day pass. Only 2 Shooters are allowed per lane. The total cost for a two shooters on one lane for a day will be $36.

$10 to $20

Gun Rental

The first box of ammunition for any rented weapon must be purchased from LRGI. Gun Rentals can be shared between shooters

Range Memberships

Trial Membership


On the fence about starting a membership with Last Resort Guns? We offer a trial membership that gives you the opportunity to check it out without a longterm commitment!

Trial Memberships are 3 months long and cannot be renewed. You will only be billed for the trial and there is no commitment beyond this period.

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With a Regular Membership, not only do you get to shoot at our range without any additional fees (not including classes and special events), you also get a 10% discount off regularly priced accessories!

Regular Memberships are annual commitments which can be billed either monthly or in a single payment. For your convenience, our Regular Memberships automatically renew unless you cancel your membership.

Premier Membership


The Premier Membership at LRGI is the way to go for serious shooters. You receive all the benefits of Regular Membership plus more. Additional benefits include a 5% discount on firearms and the ability to book a lane 2 weeks ahead in advance.

Premier Memberships are annual commitments and will be billed in a single payment. For your convenience, our Premier Memberships automatically renew unless you cancel your membership.

Exclusive to the Premier level, you have the opportunity to become a lifetime member. Life members receive preferred handling for walk-ins, lane reservations, and also have the option to transfer the membership after age 55. Life Memberships are billed in a single payment.

Do you and your spouse shoot together? Are you teaching your children proper use of firearms? We also have Family Memberships at each level!

Ready to become a member?
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